Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Ultrasound!!

I have been wanting to post since Wed. night but unfortunately my internet service has been down...I've been going through internet withdrawal!!  Anyway, Wed. was our first ultrasound and we saw one beautiful baby with a perfect heart rate in the 120's. Thank you, Jesus!!! What a miracle!! To see that lil heart just beating away  made me cry. God is so good and to know that he has this lil life growing inside of me is just so surreal. T&J have been waiting so long for a child and have been through so much heartache that I am just so thrilled that they will finally be parents. And to think that God chose me to help with this miracle!! I can not express how that makes me feel. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of this.
The IVF Specialist likes to do ultrasounds every 2 wks in the beginning....another reason to love this doctor!! So, I  am so lucky to be having another ultrasound in a wk and a half (at 8wks) and then another one at 10wks. And then around 11-12 wks the IVF specialist will release me to my OB. Which at that point I won't be having many more ultrasounds but then I have other things to look forward feeling the baby kick which I am hoping will be around 14-15 wks (thats when I usually  start feeling movements).....then at 20 wks we should be having the detailed u/s to check all organs (and of course the sex!!). So...we have so many little milestones to look forward to. And as much as I enjoy being pregnant and don't want to rush this too much...I can not wait for the day T&J welcome their baby into this world. I  have a feeling the next 33 wks are going to go by pretty fast!!!  I know they are anxious to find out if it's a boy and girl..and so am I :) Of course, I keep thinking it's a boy... but I was wrong with all of my babies so we shall see about this one. I am usually good at predicting the sex of my friends babies so maybe I'll be right with this one:) 
Ok..well I have to run to go pick up my daughter..she went to her dads for the weekend. Will try to post soon. Please keep the prayers going that this lil one continues to get big and strong...thank you!!  :)

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