Sunday, March 6, 2011

3 more days to go!! only 3 days we will know how many!!! I am so glad  my little ones have kept me so busy this week cause the week went by so fast.
Alex, my  3 yr old, has developmental speech apraxia. He receives speech therapy 3 times a week. Back in the fall one of his therapists referred him to an ENT because she was suspecting he has velopharyngeal insufficiency. In a nutshell, his soft palate does not close properly during speech therefore, he speaks very nasally. He had an eval done in the fall and went back for a follow up on Wed. He met with the speech therapist that specializes in this, then went for a videofluoroscopy. That was pretty cool..he thought he was "making his own movie" :)  After the test we met with a group of many different doctors and the recommendation was to go ahead with surgery. So we are looking at either April or May for surgery. We spent pretty much all of Wed at the hospital.
Friday, Alex and Aiden pretty much attacked Mikey (my 14 yr old step-son) when he got home from school. All three of them were on the floor being boys. I don't know why boys always have to be so physical!! Well, all of a sudden Mikey rolls over and starts crying. I'm thinking he's just playing around with the boys. A few minutes go by before I realized he wasn't joking. He rolled over and there was blood everywhere, coming out of his ear. Well, Aiden had a thermometer in his hand when they were wrestling and somehow managed to shove it in his ear. So...we took a trip to the ER. And luckily, after suctioning his ear out they were able to tell that the abrasion was to the side of his ear drum. That could have been so much worse, had it penetrated his ear drum!!
Liz, my 15 yr old, took off for Florida on Thursday with the  band and chorus. They performed at Univeral Studios on Friday and they will again tomorrow. So..I was left this weekend with a house full of boys. Us girls are always out-numbered but with her being gone it was 5 to 1 :(  It's not easy being around so much testosterone..can not wait for her to come home!!! you can see this week was a little busy...thank goodness. I am so looking forward to the ultrasound and am happy that I haven't had a lot of time to just sit and think about it. I know on Wed. this pregnancy will become more of a reality. I  have been feeling so good..other than extreme fatigue..that although I know that I am pregnant it isn't quite reality at times.  I had taken so many tests a few wks ago..and all of my betas were great...but still, when I see the lil heartbeat or two on Wed. that is when I will really BELIEVE!! With all of my pregnancies that is the moment that it is reality. I  mean, I know that God is with us through this journey...and I believe with all my heart that things are going to go well...but it is so hard to believe that there is a life (or two) growing inside of me and when I see them on ultrasound that will be the  moment when I know for sure they are with me!! And I know the tears will be rolling down my cheeks. I can not wait for that moment. This is such a miracle that I am allowed to be apart of and I am so grateful that God is allowing me to do this. I want so much for T& J to be parents....please, over their baby(ies) and let them grow big and strong!!!

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