Friday, March 25, 2011

2nd Ultrasound!!

I can't believe yesterday was the 2nd ultrasound already! The baby is doing great.  His (her?) heartbeat was 173 and he was moving all over. That was so neat to see. I wasn't expecting to see much movement at this stage but he was wiggling all was incredible :)  I can't wait to actually feel the movements!! He measured at 8wks 5 days which is perfect because we're actually 8wks 3 days as of yesterday. I will probably hear from the IVF Specialist today and most likely will be scheduling another ultrasound for 2 wks from now. I am really looking forward to that one because the parents will be coming up for that...I can not wait for them to see their lil pumpkin for the first time on ultrasound...I don't think there will be a dry eye in the room! I know they are so super excited about their  baby but the moment they see their lil one moving around it will become more of a reality. I know for myself it's so hard to believe sometimes that there really is a little life growing inside of me so I can not imagine how it must be for the parents.
By now I know I have told so many people about this journey and it's funny how everyone has the same question "Are  you gonna be ok giving the baby up?".  I do understand why they ask that, I think it's just natural to wonder that. But each time I hear that I kinda chuckle inside....I would NEVER give up my baby...but .this is not my baby!!!  I am merely taking care of someone else's baby for a short time. Just as at work I take care of someone else's child.....and when I used to babysit I took care of someone else's is just temporary though. And yes, every child I have ever cared for I have loved in some way (yes, some I get more attached to than others)...but that's ok. It's ok to care for and love someone else's child. So, when I get asked that question "Are you gonna be ok giving the baby up?" it strikes me as a little weird. I'm not giving up a's not my baby...I'm just giving back a child that needed me to care for  him for a little bit. And yes, I will be ok :)