Friday, February 4, 2011

A week til Transfer!!!

Yayyy!!! I'm so excited :)  Yesterday I had another ultrasound and more labs. The ultrasound measured my lining to be 11mm....and what is desirable is anything over 8, so that is great news! Today I rec'd a call from the IVF clinic that everything came back perfect and we are definitely on for Feb 11th. So, my hubbie and I quickly booked our trip. We are flying out at 5:35 Thursday morning and returning Sunday afternoon. The IVF clinic would like me on bedrest Friday and Saturday.....their recommendation was to not travel back home til sunday. So...we are all set to go :)   I can not believe how fast time seems to be going...but I dread the "2WW" (2 wk wait). I have to go on the 21st for my first BETA (quantitative see if I'm pregnant)...but there's no way I will be able to wait til then so I'm stocking up on home pregnancy tests. Probably on the 16th I will start testing.....but even waiting til then is going to be torture!!  I want so badly for my IP's to finally be parents...and I really believe it's going to happen :)  So, for now just praying, praying, Praying!!! Hopefully the two lil embryos they implant next wk will stay around for 9 months and my IP's will be blessed with healthy twins in late October...I know this is all in God's hands....and I hope that this is what He has planned for them:)

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