Monday, February 14, 2011

Transfer went well !!

I can't believe the transfer has come and gone already...and now the dreaded "2WW". Everything went very smooth. My husband and I flew to Michigan thursday morning, we were so thankful the storm we had been worried about all week missed us. We were so afraid the weather was going to give us a hard time like it did our first trip to Michigan. When we arrived at the hotel I had a beautiful boutique of flowers awaiting IP's are so sweet!! The boutique was beautiful :)  I was so happy Friday morning that the day we had been waiting for was finally here...and surprisingly I wasn't nervous...I felt such a sense of peace and joy. I brought a bible with me on our trip and did a lot of reading...I brought it with me to the transfer and as I read I prayed that God bless my IP's with the gift of life. When we arrived at the clinic a nurse went over a few things with me then gave me ibuprofen and valium. Just a short time later I went into their "OR" and was prepped for the transfer. The doctor came in and gave me pics of the embryos...they are beautiful!! They were graded 4AB and 3AA...which is excellent. The transfer only took a few minutes....they took a pic immediately after the transfer so I could see the embryos in my womb." Lord, please let them find a home in there for 9 months"  is what I kept praying over and over. I talked to my IM as soon as I was out of the OR. We were both so thankful that everything went well. Later that day as I was looking at the pics of the embies I asked my husband if he noticed anything about the one on top and he said...yes, there is a smiley face! Ok, so I'm not crazy!!  The first thing I noticed when I looked at the pics real closely was that toward the bottom of the first embie there appears to be a perfect little smiley face...I know that sounds crazy but it's there!! I definitely think God  had something to do with it <3  I have showed several people and everyone sees it...I'm hoping it's a message from God that everything is going to be ok with them!!  :)  So, the rest of the day friday and on saturday I didn't do much but watch tv and read.  And of course, rub my belly and talk to my IP's babies and asked that they please stay with me for the next 8 or 9 months.
Sunday we flew back home. I was so happy to be with my kids...I really missed them!  But it was very relaxful being away..and I am so happy that the transfer went well...and I can not wait for a BFP (big fat positive...preg test). Last night I had a dream that I had an u/s done and both lil ones looked perfect....Lord, please let  that be the case!!!
The last few weeks I have been looking for the perfect gift for my IM....something that she could wear during the pregnancy to give her hope and keep  us connected throughout this journey. I looked at so many different stores and could not find what I was looking for. I had wanted to send it before the transfer so she would have it for that day but I just couldn't find the right gift. So today...knowing I was going to be mailing the pics of her embies...I went to Arrowhead Christian store and said a prayer that God help me to find what I am looking for (although I wasn't quite sure myself). And sure enough I found it :)  So I sent that along with the pics....I can not wait for her to receive it. And I hope when she looks at it  that it reminds her of God's love and gives her strength and hope to trust in Gods plan...I pray that he gives her the gift of life :)
I can not wait to start testing Wed.  I know there are so many people praying for these 2 lil ones...please, Lord, let them get big and strong!!!  Their mommy and daddy have been waiting for so long for them!!

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