Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pos HPT :)

Thank you, Thank you...THANK YOU, LORD :)  
Yesterday I was extremely tired all day...about 8:30 I went to bed(which I never do) . I awoke at 11:30 to go pee (which I have been doing the last few nights..a good sign!!)...knowing that I would be POAS (peeing on a stick) in the morning I thought maybe I could just test's almost morning (kinda). So I went ahead and.......saw a very faint positive line!! I was so excited...I started rubbing my belly and thanking my IP's babies for deciding to stay around....and of course thanked God a million times!!! Then I just stared at the stick for probably 10 minutes to make sure I was really seeing a pos is real faint and I was so afraid my eyes were playing tricks on me!! After awhile I decided there definitely is 2 lines and I couldn't stay in the bathroom all  night  looking at the stick so I finally went back to bed. I just lie there for hours thinking of all kinds of happy baby thoughts for my IP's. My  husband woke up at some point and I was so happy to tell him that T&J are going to be parents :) Yayyyyy!!!  When my hubbie got up for work I prepared the PIO shot (progesterone in oil) for him to give me (as he has for a few wks now, and he's really good at it!)...then I couldn't wait to show him the stick. He confirmed there is 2 lines!!! I couldn't wait to Congratulate my IP's. They are so excited!!! I know that things will be more definite  next Monday when I have my first BETA done...but still, that little faint line is a sign that one or two lil ones decided to stay for a while!! I keep praying that God allows both of them to stay for at least 8 more months!! I can not wait for that day that they are able to finally hold the miracles they have been praying for and dreaming about for so long now :)  <3


  1. So excited for you! I am anew Gs( we hope to transfer in march) We are just waiting on the contract and then I will start meds! Look forward to following your journey:)

  2. Lots of luck to you!!! It is such an exciting time!! Please keep me posted about your journey :)