Monday, February 28, 2011

One or Two????

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. I have attempted several times to get on here and update but it seams something always prevents it.....sometimes it's my fatigue...sometimes its' the kids..... but glad I'm finally sitting here to fill ya in on the last week.
Things have been going wonderfully. Last Wed I went for my 2nd beta and was thrilled when I received a call from my IM to inform me it went from 252 to 641!!!  I was at the dentist with my kids and couldn't resist answering the phone when I saw who it was calling :)  All I kept thinking was...twins, twins..TWINS!!!!!!  I briefly filled in the dentist on this amazing journey we are on and she was in tears...and then I had to proceed to fill in a few other ladies there on our journey...everyone is so excited.
Friday was the 3rd beta and it was 1296..Yayy..another great number!! My progesterone has been running in the 70's and 80's...which is great. The IVF Specialist normally checks 4 to5 betas...however, the nurse told me on Friday that the doctor is very happy with all of my results and doesn't feel it is necessary to repeat the beta again. He said  the next step is an ultrasound...which is scheduled for March 9th. This is bitter-sweet. I am thrilled that my #'s are good enough that he doesn't feel we need to repeat it...BUT, I have been enjoying getting my betas done and watching them go up...and being reassured every 2 days that the baby(ies) are doing well. So now, we have to wait til the u/s. It is going to be so hard waiting til then!!!
Other than the fatigue and frequent peeing at night..I am feeling great. I know with my own pregnancies I was blessed to not have any morning sickness..or any complaints really. With 2 of my pregnancies I did have nausea for a few months but as long as I ate small meals frequently I was ok. I wasn't sure how this pregnancy would go..but so far so good. I know this is still early yet, but I so far I'm feeling great!!
Well I am hoping the next 9 days go by real fast. I can not wait to see how many lil pumpkins are in there. I  have been obsessing over reading about beta and progesterone levels and reading what other womens levels are...not that any of this will help me to know what we're having but it's so exciting reading about it and wondering what are chances of twins is. If I see one strong heartbeat in 9 days I will be crying my eyes out...I will be so overjoyed to see the lil miracle inside of me and to know that finally my IP's are going to be parents. But, if theres, I just can't imagine.  I know my IP's and I feel the same way, we will be so happy with one miracle, but two would be that much more amazing.
Well, my lil ones are needing mommy..gonna go make breakfast. For now, hoping the next 9 days go by fast..and praying these lil miracles are nice and safe in my womb.


  1. Such a fun time!! My GC (and best friend)and I did the same thing. We read over everything online to try and solve the mystery of 1 or 2. Our 1st beta was 10dp5dt and it was 466. Our 2nd beta was 12dp5dt and it was 1060. She blessed my husband and I with boy/girl twins 8 months later! Best wishes to you and your IP's. I will look forward to reading your updates!

  2. Hi Denise!! Wow..that is so exciting...CONGRATS!!
    That would mean so much if I could do the same for my IP's...but of course one lil miracle will be amazing. We will find out soon what God has planned for them!!

  3. You are such a blessing! ... What is an IP?

  4. Sorry..IP is "intended parent" or parent-to-be. Sometimes I get typing and forget it's probably sounding like another language to some so I go back and clarify things..but sometimes I don't realize I'm doing it :)
    And thank you... I feel so blessed that God is allowing me to go down this allow me to participate in such a miracle. God is awesome!!!