Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yayyy...it is official...WE ARE PREGNANT!!!
I awoke yesterday to 6"of snow...normally I would be happy to see that, but all I could think about was that I HAVE to go the hospital for my BETA (quantitive HCG) and I was not going to allow that white stuff to get in the way of that!! I had planned on heading out early for that but the roads were horrible so I needed to wait til it cleared up. The morning was torture. I was so extremely nervous...and I was surprised by that. I wasn't the least bit nervous the day of the transfer (just very excited)....but yesterday I was so nervous!! When the roads finally cleared up I headed out and then had to wait for what seamed like an eternity to get the results. I couldn't think of anything but the test...having all 4 kids at home you think I would've been able to keep myself distracted but  nope...I could not focus on anything at all. Time seamed to stand still. My IM and I kept texting each other and were both so eager for the results. Then finally my IM called and had just received the result.............252!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you, Jesus!!! That is an awesome number!! I was on the phone with her jumping up and down....and all I kept saying was 252?? 252?? I just couldn't believe it..and I was so relieved to get such a great number. So, now our next question is: how many??  With that number it could be one or two. The doctor likes to repeat the BETA four or five times. The number needs to double about every 48hours..that is an indication of a healthy pregnancy. So..tomorrow I will be going for another BETA...and praying it at least doubles. Most likely in about 2 wks we will have an ultrasound..then we will find out how many decided to stick around:)
Last night by 6:00 I was exhausted..and had to fight to stay awake. I had every intention on getting on here and updating everyone but all I wanted to do was sleep. Alex (my 3 yr old) kept asking  me to give him a bath...normally I would  jump on that! He is the one that I usually have to fight to get into the tub..and here he was begging for a bath. I tried everything to distract  him and change his mind but  he had his  mind on taking a bath! Feeling guilty about this, I reluctantly gave him a bath...then was on the couch with both lil ones just shortly after 8:00. I can not believe  how tired I've been lately! I woke up several times to go pee but for the most part slept ok. I can't stop rubbing my belly and praying that these lil ones stay nice and safe in there til October.  Our due date is (unofficially) Oct. 31st....so T&J are going to have Halloween babies!! I can not wait til that glorious day when they welcome their babies into the world.  Until then, I am going to take care of them to the best of  my ability..and continue to pray. I know there are so many people praying for these lil pumpkins....and I know that God is awesome. I pray He lets them grow big and strong until they are ready to meet their parents. I am so happy that God put us (my IP's and I)  together..and is allowing us to be on this amazing journey together.  I look forward to the next 8 months.....what an awesome year this is going to be! Ok...well I'm gonna run...next BETA is tomorrow and I will try my hardest to update then :)

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